April 2015 -  The SGR has finally been fixed and updated!  We have spent innumerable hours working on this in Washington.  We were "down" for 2 weeks at the beginning of April as Congress went out of town and left everyone hanging.  We get a 0.5% increase for each of the next four years.  Does that seem fair?  We have to think so. Now we can go on to work on the health of the nation.


September 2013 - The Affordable Care Act ("ObamaCare") is about to kick in, despite the Republicans' best efforts to overturn or dismantle it.  This will provide access to health care for millions of Americans who presently lack health insurance.  The "SGR Fix" is still not done (although theey seem to be talking more about it), and meaningful tort reform is way off the table.


February 2012 - The Doc Fix has been extended till the end of 2012 along with the Unemployment and Payroll Tax Cut.  The SGR has NOT been fixed, Congress has just kicked the can down the road some more.  We are looking at a >30% cut for 2013.  Call your Congressman and Senator (and get your friends to do so - especially those from other states!) to tell them to FIX THE SGR!!


As of January 2012, NO fix is in sight.  We had a repreive at the end of 2011 ONLY FOR 2 MONTHS!!  The Congress cannot get their act together to fix the flawed SGR formula which has been choking medical care since the 1990s.  Call your legislator to FIX the flawed SGR


As of August 2011, no fix is yet in sight.  The current plan under the SGR ("Sustainable Growth Rate") calls for a 29% cut in payments.  None of the plans discussed in Congress ("ObamaCare", the Ryan Plan, or anything else) has addressed this issue.


As of May 2011, no fix is in sight.  The Ryan budget proposal would significantly decrease payments to physicians, and would change Medicare for the future to seriously degrade the ability of seniors to obtain appropriate medical care.  We oppose this legislation.


As of December 9, 2010, Congress passed another 1 year hold on cutting doctors fees.  They still have not fixed the problem, but "kicked the can" for another time.  See this space next year as we rally again!!!


Medicare to Cut 25% as of January 1 because Congress doesn't act. Sign the Petition to Tell Congress to ACT!!!

The Lame Duck congressional session is debating AGAIN whether to cut payments to doctors for Part B Medicare services.  This is as a result of the FLAWED system called "Sustainable Growth Rate", or SGR, which is not sustainable nor has it grown very much. 

This formula was put in place in 1997 to keep Medicare spending constant in 1997 dollars.  Obviously, costs and utilization have gone up, and according to the formula, spending must go down to cut back to 1997 levels.  Each year, congress has passed an override to adjust for the appropriate increases in actual spending.  Since 2000, physicians have received a TOTAL increase of 6%(not each year, total), while the "accumulated deficit" is now at 25%.

This formula is flawed and cannot continue.  Call your representatives and/or Senators to urge them to pass a fix to the SGR.  Seniors will suffer when physicians cut back on Medicare services because they cannot run a business at a loss.  Tell your friends and relatives in other states to do the same.  Sign the petition above or click here.

News Highlights

COR Doctors Listed In Washingtonian's Top Doctor List For 2016

09 August 2008

Dr. Rockower and Dr. Barkin:  Washingtonian's "TOP DOCTORS"  again for 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2010! Dr. Grossman was also a "Top Doc"

Congress Has FINALLY Changed Cuts Medicare Payments To Doctors

10 August 2008

April 2015 -  The SGR has finally been fixed and updated!  We have spent innumerable hours working on this in Washington.  We were "down" for 2 weeks at the beginning...

Mike Tabasko a Winner!

20 April 2012

Our own Mike Tabasko, PT recently won a major bicycle race in New York, the "Tour of the Battenkill".  He is an avid Biker, and we are VERY proud of...

Maryland FREE Rx Card

25 June 2012

Maryland Free Rx Card Click Here for the FREE card

New Physical Therapists

29 September 2012

We are pleases to announce the addition of two additional Physical Therapists to our staff:   Suzanne Niksheresht and Gina Stewart.  They are both well trained, personable and fine additions...


30 September 2013

On October 1, 2013 (whether or not the Government shuts down) The new Health Care Exchenges will open for individuals in Maryland.  MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society, has been...

COR In The Media

21 January 2014

Dr. Stephen Rockower and Dr. Marc Grossman were recently featured on the Montgomery County Cable Network's health show, Housecall, hosted by Dr. David Doman.  


18 March 2014

On April 5th, Billing Supervisor, Elysia Mathias, will be participating in a 5.7 K run fundraiser in Baltimore through the Brigance Brigade to benefit patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS,...

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