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  1. (Wiley) In a recent Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica study, a combined lifestyle intervention including dietary counseling and twice-weekly exercise classes during pregnancy resulted in a slightly longer first stage of labor, without any other effects during labor or delivery. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
  2. (University of Seville) The researchers state that the majority of over-60s access online banking when they understand its usefulness, although they assume certain risks because of a lack of competence, and that they also value very positively the influence that they exercise over younger family members, who are more used to using electronic services. (Source: EurekAlert! - Social and Behavioral Science)
  3. THURSDAY, May 10, 2018 -- Exercise can help prevent many chronic illnesses as well as make it easier to manage health conditions, from diabetes to joint pain. In terms of prevention, aim for the recommended 150 minutes of exercise, like brisk... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
  4. (Natural News) Given what we know about the serious harms caused by the weed killer glyphosate to human health and the environment, it’s baffling that such a toxic product is still allowed to be sold. Now Germany has found the courage to put its foot down, standing up to powerful, bullying companies like Roundup manufacturer... (Source:

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  5. WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) — The FDA has declared a shortage of EpiPens. The agency says the products are currently available but manufacturing delays are causing a short-term shortage across the country. The Food Allergy Research & Education advocacy group has called on the FDA and the Trump administration to take action. According to a FARE survey, more than 400 people in 45 states reported difficulties obtaining an EpiPen. “I called around and found an Epipen Jr at Walgreens in Massachusetts but it expires in less than six months. Frustrating for such an expensive drug,” one survey respondent said. EpiPens are used to treat severe allergic reactions. Mylan, the company that makes them, says people can call 800-796-9526 if they can’t find EpiPens and they will help patients...
  6. SLEEP can be impacted by your sleeping position, exercise and stress. But, did you know you could help yourself to fall asleep by changing your diet? Eating more of this night time snack before bed could give you a better night ’s rest. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
  7. He ’d celebrated 20 years of marriage to his college sweetheart, and their three kids were busy with sports and school. Instead of maintaining the status quo, Dave Terry quit his job, doubled his home-equity line, and founded Archway Health. (Source: Health Care:Physician Practices headlines)
  8. The Government has decided to stop the data-sharing agreement between the NHS and the Home Office, under which patient data in practices was used to track down illegal immigrants. Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom Margot James announced in Parliament yesterday (9 May) that they have decided to facilitate the exchange of patients’ data between the two bodies only when‘serious criminality’ is involved.Hide related content:  Show related contentread more (Source: Management in Practice)

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  9. NORTH QUINCY (CBS) – A child at a daycare and preschool in North Quincy has been diagnosed with typhoid fever. “I can confirm one case of typhoid fever in a child at Bright Horizons in North Quincy. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is working with Bright Horizons and the Quincy Public Health Department to prevent the spread of the disease,” said Ann Scales, spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Health. Bright Horizons spokesperson Bridget Perry said center officials were told that the child had traveled abroad recently. Bright Horizons Daycare in North Quincy closed after a report of typhoid fever #wbz — Christina Hager (@HagerWBZ) May 10, 2018 WBZ-TV’s Dr. Mallika Marshall said typhoid fever is exceptionally...
  10. EL PASO, TX (CBS Local) – An Army soldier who lost her ear received a revolutionary transplant in which doctors grew her a brand new ear on the patient’s own arm. Plastic surgeons at William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) in El Paso successfully transplanted the ear onto Shamika Burrage after the Army Private lost her left ear in a one-car accident while on leave in 2016. Instead of finding a donor, surgeons took cartilage from Burrage’s ribs and carved it into the shape of an ear. The “ear” was then placed under the skin in the 21-year-old’s forearm so it could grow into a fully formed ear. Army grows new ear on soldier's arm for transplant — KCCI News (@KCCINews) May 10, 2018 ̶...
  11. Reuters Health Information (Source: Medscape Orthopaedics Headlines)
  12. The sport of running continues to grow in popularity across Canada. But when it comes running races, including marathons, completion times have slowed by 20 minutes over the past 20 years. (Source: CBC | Health)
  13. (MedPage Today) -- Trial shows'robust'benefits over usual medical management (Source: MedPage Today Nephrology)

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  14. QUINCY (CBS) – On Thursday it was confirmed that a child at a daycare and preschool in North Quincy had been diagnosed with typhoid fever, a disease rarely found in the United States. For many, the name brings to mind “Typhoid Mary,” but what exactly is typhoid fever? Here’s what WBZ-TV’s Dr. Mallika Marshall has to say: Typhoid fever, also known as enteric fever, is an infection caused by a type of salmonella bacteria. The infection causes chills, fever and belly pain, Dr. Marshall says. People with typhoid fever can also develop pink spots on their skin. (WBZ graphic) It can be contracted like any other intestinal infection, such as norovirus, by consuming contaminated food or water. Symptoms can develop between five and 20 days after becoming infected. It can be spread when so...
  15. BOSTON (CBS) – You’ve probably heard of second-hand smoke but what about third-hand smoke? A new study finds that residual chemicals from tobacco smoke can persist on indoor surfaces like furniture, carpets, and clothing even if no one has smoked there for many years. Researchers at Drexel university in Philadelphia analyzed the air in a non-smoking, unoccupied classroom over the course of a month. They themselves were surprised when they found a significant amount of chemical residue associated with tobacco smoke. The concern is that these potentially harmful chemicals could be absorbed through the skin, ingested or inhaled and can move through buildings easily through the HVAC system. Studies done on mice have shown these particles could have health effects but more research...

News Highlights

COR Doctors Listed In Washingtonian's Top Doctor List For 2016

09 August 2008

Dr. Rockower and Dr. Barkin:  Washingtonian's "TOP DOCTORS"  again for 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2010! Dr. Grossman was also a "Top Doc"

Congress Has FINALLY Changed Cuts Medicare Payments To Doctors

10 August 2008

April 2015 -  The SGR has finally been fixed and updated!  We have spent innumerable hours working on this in Washington.  We were "down" for 2 weeks at the beginning...

Mike Tabasko a Winner!

20 April 2012

Our own Mike Tabasko, PT recently won a major bicycle race in New York, the "Tour of the Battenkill".  He is an avid Biker, and we are VERY proud of...

Maryland FREE Rx Card

25 June 2012

Maryland Free Rx Card Click Here for the FREE card

New Physical Therapists

29 September 2012

We are pleases to announce the addition of two additional Physical Therapists to our staff:   Suzanne Niksheresht and Gina Stewart.  They are both well trained, personable and fine additions...


30 September 2013

On October 1, 2013 (whether or not the Government shuts down) The new Health Care Exchenges will open for individuals in Maryland.  MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society, has been...

COR In The Media

21 January 2014

Dr. Stephen Rockower and Dr. Marc Grossman were recently featured on the Montgomery County Cable Network's health show, Housecall, hosted by Dr. David Doman.  


18 March 2014

On April 5th, Billing Supervisor, Elysia Mathias, will be participating in a 5.7 K run fundraiser in Baltimore through the Brigance Brigade to benefit patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS,...

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